Your Roof Protects Your Most Prized Possessions!!! Print
Written by Will   
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 17:48

Take this simple quiz to find out if your prized possessions are safe and protected...

Here are some signs that your roof may be failing or showing potential damage.  If there is any of the following:

> Visible or obvious rotting spots?

> Soft or spongy spots?

> Wet spots on exterior or interior ceilings?

> Moss, fungus or debris on your roof?

> Accumulation of standing water anywhere?

> Torn, loose or missing shingles?

> Buckling or blistering in any areas?

> Cracking or deterioration in valley areas?

> Loose or damaged flashing around pipes, vents or chimneys?

If any of the above situations are happening with your roof, stop by our office located at 202 E Pine St in Shelton or call us at (360) 427-3162 today for your free roof inspection and estimate.

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